Smucker Farms of Lancaster County

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Farm Shares are a weekly subscription service available to pick up at 3 different locations in Washington, DC.  The Farm Shares consist of seasonal Lancaster County fruits and vegetables.  In the colder months we use fill ins such as locally sourced products like eggs, cheese, and butter, as well as citrus and mid-Atlantic fresh produce if needed.  

There are TWO different sizes, the Regular Share (for 2-3 people) and the Personal Share (no need to share!). The Regular Share has an average of 10 items per week and comes in a 3/4 bushel box.  The Personal Share has an average of 5-6 items per week and comes in a 1/2 bushel box. A Meat option can be added onto your weekly pick up and may include grass-finished beef, pastured chicken, meadow-raised pork, bacon, sausages, etc.  Meat Shares are only available at the Smucker Farms pick-up location.

Boxes are typically available at Smucker Farms from 8AM on your chosen pick up day until Noon the following day.  Other locations typically receive the boxes between 10AM and Noon on the pick up days and hold them through the next day.

Subscriptions are paid for weekly by signing up for an online account secured by Paypal.  If you need to put a hold on your box, email us at least 5 days ahead of your chosen pick up day and you will NOT be charged for that week's Farm Share.  Holds can be for as long as you would like!  If your schedule is especially sporadic you can even have two different accounts for the two different pick up days, using one when you will miss the other.  Just remember we have to have the requests to hold payment at least 5 days in advance.  Sign up below by selecting your pick up location, pick up day, and also if you would like to add in a Meat Share to your weekly pick up.  


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