2012-2013 Winter CSA is Open for Subscription!

Winter CSA pic
Salad Greens and a Cookbook, Perfect Combo for a CSA

As we draw near to the end of our 25 weeks of amazing Spring, Summer, and Fall CSA, we are opening up subscription for the Winter CSA.  The Winter CSA will be a 1/2 bushel focused on chemical- free greenhouse produce from Oasis at Bird-in-Hand (www.reallivefood.org) such as leafy greens, root vegetables, eggs, cheese, and butter.  See the downloadable application below for a more detailed list of expected fresh produce.  The amount of product is enough for 2-3 persons for approximately 75-85% of your fresh produce needs.

Why eggs, cheese, and butter? At some points in the winter even the greenhouses will not be producing at maximum capacity and in order to ensure value for the CSA members we will be adding in these items.  It will not be every week but you will love it when it does include them.

For $31/week over 25 weeks you will receive the highest quality, most nutrient dense food available on the East Coast.  Lancaster County is home to the most fertile non-irrigated soil in North America, and when farmers treat the land right (without chemicals!) the end product is packed full of flavor and nutrition.  Just ask our current CSA customers, many of whom are already signing up for the winter months.

Below you will find the application form to get you started.  The Winter CSA will go from November 9th until April 26th, at which point we will do the 2013 Spring, Summer, and Fall CSA.  Picking up a box of great product year round straight from some of the best farmers in the world? Awesome.

2012-2013 Winter CSA Application

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