Capital Kombucha – “Drink better. Live wiser.”

In these hot summer months Smucker Farms knows how important it is to stay hydrated and that deciding how to do so is crucial. That is why we offer DC’s own Capital Kombucha, a company that is making it easier for local residents to make healthier beverage decisions and leave sugary sodas and artificial fruit juices behind. If you have encountered kombucha before, prepare yourself for a very pleasant surprise. Unlike many other versions of this two-thousand-year-old antioxidant-, probiotic- and electrolyte-rich beverage, Capital Kombucha actually tastes good.

So much Capital Kombucha, so little time! Enjoy refreshing flavors like Peach, Mint Lime, Mango Chili and Basil Lemongrass.

Rather than try to mask the vinegary bite that kombucha is known for, the makers of Capital Kombucha work with flavors that complement the usually sharp taste. With four varieties to choose from, there is a flavor that will appeal to everyone’s tastebuds. Basil Lemongrass has a smooth, refreshing taste that is a great after a hard workout. For those looking for a zestier choice, Mango Chili is a sweet and spicy blend that pairs well with fish or jambalaya. Mint Lime combines the classic mojito tastes that complement a variety of dishes. Peach has a warm, subtly sweet flavor that could easily replace your morning orange juice and is great for first-time kombucha drinkers.

Capital Kombucha is created using the same fermentation method that has been employed by kombucha brewers for more than two thousand years. The process begins with brewing tea using a unique blend the company created itself. Next, organic, biodynamic sugar and a culture are added to the tea to begin the fermentation process. Unlike many home kombucha brewers who get their culture from another source, Capital Kombucha’s brewers created this combination of bacteria and yeast themselves, adding to the brand’s unique flavor characteristics. Similar to beer, the yeast in this culture processes the sugar into alcohol. The bacteria then transform this alcohol into an acid, signaling the completion of the fermentation process. This acid is what gives kombucha its signature vinegary bite.

The last step is to add the flavor using fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. These final components are sourced through DC Central Kitchen who provides a direct connection for Capital Kombucha to local farmers. In an effort to support other local businesses, Capital Kombucha aims to purchase as much of its ingredients as possible from nearby sources in order to keep their money within the community.

Capital Kombucha is much more than just a health drink. Enjoy it with meals as you would fruit juices or sodas or replace your morning coffee with a bottle of Capital Kombucha for a jumpstart to your day. You could even mix Capital Kombucha with your favorite liquor to create an original cocktail. Check out the recipe below for Capital Kombucha’s take on how to incorporate some of the fruits and herbs that are in season (and at Smucker Farms) right now!

Booch Berry Mojito

5 Smucker Farms blueberries OR raspberries
4 mint leaves
2 oz. Mint Lime Capital Kombucha
2 oz. white Rum
.5 oz lime juice
.5 oz simple syrup*
.5 oz soda water
Ice (crushed or cubed)

Add mint leaves, blueberries/raspberries, lime juice and simple syrup to a glass. Muddle ingredients firmly for 30 seconds (berries should be crushed).**

Add 2 oz. Mint Lime Capital Kombucha and 2 oz. white rum to the glass and mix with a spoon.

Add ice and .5 oz of soda.

To really impress the guests garnish the glass by sliding one mint sprig or raw sugar cane into the glass.

* Simple syrup is just equal parts sugar and water.  To make 32 oz. for example, bring 16 oz. of water to a boil, add 16 oz. of a sugar of your choice, turn off heat, stir, and you’re ready to go once syrup cools
** For those who fancy an extra bite, add a nub of ginger before you muddle your ingredients.

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